24 - 06 Insufficient Funds

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Resolution 24 - 06 

Insufficient Funds

WHEREAS, the County Treasurer must endorse and register any county warrants issued by the County Board if there are not sufficient funds in that particular fund to pay the same, and

WHEREAS, Section 23 - 1602 of Revised Statutes of the State of Nebraska states that the County Board of Commissioners will set the rate to be set in registering any insufficient county warrants,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED:  that the County Board of Commissioners hereby set the rate of .5% to be paid during the year of 2024 on insufficient funds warrants that must be registered in the office of the County Treasurer.

Dated this 4th day of January 2024.

Motion made by Anderson, second by Lease.  All member present voting as follows:

Yeas:  Anderson, Lease, Darnall; Nays:  None; Motion carried.



/s/ Robin Darnall

/s/ Laif Anderson

/s/ Don Lease II

ATTEST:  Katie West - Banner County Clerk