24 - 04 Excess Funds

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Resolution 24 - 04

Excess Funds

WHEREAS, the County Treasurer has, and during the course of the year 2024 will have, from time to time, excess funds on hand, and

WHEREAS, it is for the best interest of the County that such excess funds be invested in interest bearing accounts as determined by 77 - 2315 and 77 - 2340, Revised Statutes of Nebraska.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: that the County Treasurer be authorized to maintain a portfolio of securities covering such investments as stipulated in 77 - 2315. Revised Statutes of Nebraska in the Banner Capital Bank and NPAIT (Nebraska Public Agency Investment Trust).

Dated this 4th day of January 2024.



/s/ Robin Darnall

/s/ Laif Anderson

/s/ Don Lease II

ATTEST: Katie West - Banner County Clerk